About Michi Kenpo

About Michi Kenpo of Merritt Island, Florida

Michi Kenpo is owned and operated by Sensei Jerry Munday, and we are located on North Courtenay Parkway in Merritt Island. If you need help finding us, please visit the contact us page and click on the map to get directions.

About Michi Kenpo of Merritt Island
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About Sensei Jerry Munday

Master Jerry Munday got his first introduction to the martial arts in the late 1960’s while attending a local Scout troop in Columbia SC. The Scout leader and many of the Scouting assistants had recently returned from Viet Nam and shared with us the techniques they learned while stationed overseas.

Sensei Jerry Munday
During the 1980’s I studied under Sensei Dale while living in Raleigh NC. In the mid-1990’s I discovered Aikido and was under the tutelage of Sensei Dunn, and the head of the Family, Fumio Toyoda. It wasn’t long after I found the Chinese Style Kenpo School in Sanford, NC where I studied “Difficult clinging fist” under Sensei Benn Brooks, and His sensei Master George Denson.

Through Master Denson, I met and studied under Soke John Stover, Grandmaster Bram Frank, and Datu Shir Inocalla. I received Kenpo black belt in 2001 under Master Denson. And continued training and in 2009 was awarded the rank of 5th degree and master instructor.

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